Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sorry no updates lately. Work has been so busy. I have worked late every night except last Friday--because I said I was leaving on time for my yoga class! But I worked 3 1/2 hours Sunday.
Last weekend was fairly relaxing. On Saturday morning in my body conditioning class I tweaked a back muscle. So the rest of Saturday I was like an old lady taking Aleve and using my heating pad. Mostly just knitting and vegging.
Sunday morning I did grocery shopping; took Joey to the vet for a mani and also weighed him, he has lost a little weight, which is great; then off to work. The whole time I was at work no one else was there. It was great. I got so much done and coulda kept working. But I cut myself off at 3 1/2 hours.
Monday and tonight worked late. Tomorrow I work--but not too late. The boss has given us the go ahead to leave at noon. I am not going to get everything done by the end of the year like I planned--but it will be close. One project ended up being much bigger than I first realized--so I will work on that at the beginning of the new year. But I feel good getting a lot of stuff taken care of by the end of the year. I also did a little housekeeping today and tossed a bunch of stuff I no longer needed. Love that!
I wanted to feature a few more of our cool ornaments from our tree. Enjoy!

1. A sled Curt's mom, Marilyn, painted for Christmas one year--I believe 1979. (She made ornaments for her boys every year. A few years ago we acquired most of the ornaments. I just love them. The sled is one of my favorites.)
2. A maple leaf we got while on our honeymoon in Victoria, BC.
3. Hoops & Yoyo laptop. You push the keyboard and it lights up and H&Y talk.
4. Disco ball purchased while on our honeymoon. Also 2 cats, one says Curt and one says Ann. Curt got this for me for our first Christmas in Arizona. (So the first tree we had together.)
5. Marilyn painted Curt and me this ornament the year we got married--2003. The ornament has our colors from the wedding--burgundy and cream.


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