Friday, December 12, 2008

Foot fetish

So yesterday after work I had a mani/pedi to get ready for Onyx's Winter Party--we are being very PC. Anyway, afterward I did some shopping. I went to Old Navy and was walking around in my flip flops. A guy walked by and told me he liked my toes. I said thanks. He said, let me see the color and looked again and then walked away. About 30 seconds later an Old Navy associate came up and asked me if that guy was talking to me about my feet. I told her yes. Then another associate comes up and wants to know exactly what he said. Apparently he is some weirdo who has some sort of foot fetish and likes to look at and comments on womens' toes. They apologized profusley and said if he was still in the store they would kick him out. It didn't bother me. It wouldn't be the first time someone commented on my toes.

Tonight is the Winter Party at the Intercontinental Hotel in the city. The hotel is beautiful. Curt just left work and should be here shortly.
I have my face on and hair all pretty. I really just need to get dressed. But I have a little time ... so I think I am going to get a little knitting in.


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