Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clothes party

Last night I hosted my own CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation) party. A great group of women came over. I had munchies and wine for everyone to snack on. You gotta be well-fed to try on clothes and spend money. My friend Jennifer brought champagne, which was a hit and yummy.
Jennifer, my CAbi friend, presented the line to the seven of us. Once she was done women were literally running to the rack to try on clothes. It was great.
We all tried stuff on. Purchases were made. I know a few more women still have to put their orders in. For every $250 sold at my party I get one item for 50% off, which is a great deal. I didn't host the party for that reason. But I never mind getting clothes at discount.
It was a fun night. And I enjoyed spending time with all the women.
Thanks ladies for coming and buying stuff and for supporting Jennifer.


Blogger hollibobolli said...

I've never heard of that line of clothing but it sounds like a blast!!!

I used to *only* drink champagne until my migraines started.. well, except Bailey's on the rocks. yum.

I sent you an email (another one) about the mugs.


Monday, March 31, 2008 11:00:00 AM  

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