Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday shopping

I think most of you know how much I hate Christmas shopping. Now I love shopping. But I don't love it when tons of people are in my way. Crowds make me anxious. I avoid the mall all times of the year. If I go, I know exactly where I need to go and what to get and then I get out! Right near work and not far from home is an outdoor mall called Bay Street. They have just about every store I need--except for Hallmark. If they had a Hallmark that would be perfect. For some reason I am OK with the outdoor malls.
I did a ton of my shopping online yesterday. I had all the stuff picked out and in my cart. Yesterday I pulled the trigger. We are going a little more modest this year on gifts. Everyone has everything they need. And there are people out there who need a lot more than we do. So there will be some donations made. I still like to get stuff for the kids. But I have even reeled that in a bit. I try to focus on books for presents. Plus they are cheap to mail--just an added bonus.
And those of you who really know me know I finish my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. I have been so unprepared this year. Not sure what the deal is. Maybe because I am doing my course and working a lot. And going to the gym cuts into my time at home in the evenings a couple of nights out of the week. Thanksgiving snuck up on my this year, too.
Anyway, most of my shopping is done. I think I will be done by the weekend. Well, except for Curt. I usually take my time with his stuff.
There is a radio station here that is playing non-stop Christmas music. I put that on sometimes in the car and I just haven't gotten into the Christmas spirit. Maybe because it is still November? This weekend I want to put up the outdoor blue lights. Curt and I are debating what weekend to put the Christmas tree up.


Blogger Jodie said...

I've done TONS of shopping already. I'm nearly done.

I haven't gotten much into the holiday spirit either. I haven't really listened to the holiday music on the radio, mainly because it's slower music and I don't like to be put to sleep while I'm driving.

Maybe once I put up my lights...

Thursday, November 29, 2007 9:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
Glad that you are almost done with shopping. I agree with you... we all have so much already. Tomorrow I think I will wrap my presents for Christmas. I had fun at the Food Bank today. Have a good day. Say hi to Curt.


Thursday, November 29, 2007 1:21:00 PM  

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