Monday, October 29, 2007

The streak is over

Read Chapter 5 yesterday. That took a long time. Then I took the quiz. (Oh, and I took a nap before studying. It was a must. Then I made some coffee and used the cool coffee thermos that Gail gave me for my b-day.) Anyway, normally the quizzes have 10-12 questions. Chapter 5 quiz had 30. Oy vey!
It was definitely a tough quiz. But I worked my way through it. I wasn't sure how I would score. There were a few questions I was unsure of. I got a 93% (gone are the 100% days). I got 2 wrong. And one of them I am sure, so sure that I was right. The other one I am a little weary of. I still think I was right. I am going to ask my boss about it.
The quizzes don't count. Just the final grade. But if I am right I want it on record. I may have to contact someone about it!
I print out all of my quizzes for reference later.


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