Saturday, October 27, 2007

Unpleasant shopping experience

I got a lot of errands done today.
First thing this morning went to the grocery, then came home, put stuff away, had some breakfast and watch ER on the DVR. Then off to the gym with my new heart rate monitor. (I must read more on it. Everytime I asked it for my heartrate it would give it and then keep beeping saying it was too high. It wasn't too high.) After the gym I hit Michaels and then Home Depot. Home Depot is where I had my unpleasant experience. Well, backtrack a little. While standing in line at Michaels I realize that I had 60 bucks in cash in my wallet and I only see $20. I seriously doubt someone broke into my locker at the gym and took $40 and left $20 and credit cards. So I am thinking I misplaced it, but where? (Believe me, I looked when I got home.) I usually don't throw money around--I am a little obsessed with it. So I get to HD already in a pissy mood and minus 40 bucks. At HD I need to get sandpaper, a door stopper and cat repellent for our garden. (The neighborhood cat uses it for a toilet and it is just gross. I have issues with cats just wandering around shitting in other people's yards. I personally think it is irresponsible. Joey has always been indoor only. OK, enough of that rant.) So I am in the garden section with all kinds of growth stuff and repellents for bugs and ants and insects. I finally ask someone and she sends me back to that aisle. I give up and venture to find a door stopper. I figure they have to be near the doors, right? I finally ask for help. They send me to an aisle and I just can't find them. So I try the repellent again. No luck. I am standing there and I ask an employee for help. He pretty much can't help me. Now I am really frustrated. So I wander to the self-checkout and ask the woman there. She sends me to an aisle for the doorstopper and tells me sandpaper is with paint. I end up back in the same aisle looking for doorstoppers where I was before. I patiently wait for an employee to help someone else. Then he and I search for them. And it took us a little time to find them. One item, FINALLY! Then I walk toward the paint. Before I even see paint on the sign I see sandpaper on the aisle sign. Sweet! I find my sandpaper and get the H out of there. (I guess a nursery or ordering online will have to suffice the repellent need.)
I come home, have lunch, watch some Queer Eye. Then time for another errand--PetsMart. Must take Joey to get his nails trimmed. I always dread this because he hates it. Curt grabs Joey and I grab the carrier and we stuff him in it. Then off we go. Joey did really well with having his nails trimmed. He is always happy when it is over and scrambles to get back into his carrier. On the way back in today he scrambled on me and left some nice nail marks on my stomach. Joey and I got food, litter, and litterbox bags and headed out.
Came home, did some studying--reread Chapter 3. And I was happy to see that Chapter 4 is short. But 5 is quite long.
I made spaghetti squash for dinner. Have you ever had this? It is the coolest thing. I baked in the oven for about 40 mins. (Next time I will do a little longer.) When you run your fork through the squash it comes out in spaghetti-like strands. So cool. It was pretty yummy. I just used regular spaghetti sauce. I need to make my pesto recipe and try it on the squash.
This evening I watch The Nativity Story. It was really good. I am just about done with a scarf for the person I am Secret Pal to. We have our revealing lunch on Friday. So she will get a scoa and a regular scarf. My SP left me a bag filled with delicious junk food and a gift card to Blockbuster. And it was actually for Curt and me. How nice!
OK, I am tired and am gonna jump in bed.


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