Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Raging headache

Yesterday most of the day I had a slight headache. It got worse and then better and then worse again. By the time I left work it was starting to get worse. Once on the shuttle bus back to Emeryville it got pretty bad along with waves of nausea. And I normally don't get car sick. I can even read while in a moving vehicle and feel fine. So I think the headache is what contributed to my yuckiness.
The ride took an hour. I am hoping that is not a regular occurrence as I want to make the 6:30 spin class a night or two a week.
Once I got home I just lounged on the couch, had some water and eventually Curt made us some comfort food of penne and Chicken Corn Chowder. After that I felt fine. (I was actually planning to have a beer and watch a NCAA tourney championship game. I didn't feel up to the beer and the basketball was boring!)
Today I noticed a slight headache starting this morning. I took an Advil and I seemed to keep it at bay and just a dull headache the whole day.
I was talking to some co-workers and they were saying they think that the new carpet and furniture could be contributing to it. Apparently I am not the only one having these headaches.
I am sensitive to smells. But I didn't realize this sensitive. And there is some foofy automatic air freshner in the bathroom, which seems to trigger the headache as I enter. (I need to stop drinking so much water!)
Let's see how tomorrow goes.


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