Monday, March 21, 2011

Home from Vegas

Saturday night Curt and I met up with Jen and Dave for dinner at Battista's Hole in the Wall. We, of course, received accordion entertainment from Gordy. We had a delicious dinner. I had eggplant parmesan. Man, it was so good. Jen, Dave and I shared the bottomless wine. The end of the meal comes with an amazing cappuccino. After we slurped down our coffees we headed to Treasure Island to see Mystere. Those Cirque du Soliel shows are amazing. Curt and I saw Ka last year, and it was so amazing. Wowza! Mystere was also pretty amazing.
Sunday was Curt's birthday. When I woke up I headed to Starbucks for breakfast and coffee. Curt then opened his birthday cards. After that I met up with Jen for a workout in the hotel gym. Curt and Dave met up to scope out a place to watch the UA basketball game.
Jen and I met up with the guys after our workout and showers. They ended up with a "private room" at an Irish Pub in New York New York. We had this whole little area to ourselves and a TV to ourselves as well. It was pretty cool.
After UA gave us a near panic attack with a squeak of a win we headed back to our hotel. (By the way, I bet on my Wildcats and it paid off.)
Jen and Dave had reservations for a nice dinner at the restaurant they had their wedding reception seven years ago.
Curt and I headed back to our room for a nap. Then we headed to Ellis Island to cash in my Wildcat winnings. Unfortunately the Sports Book was down, as it was the day before. I will have to mail it in. Curt played a little black jack and I played some penny slots. I played the Tabasco slot machine and FINALLY the Shake Your Booty machine opened up. So I played that for about 5-10 minutes when I got a big win (my big wins before were between 350 and 400 pennies) of about 20 bucks! I cashed out and we spent my winnings at the bar.
Curt and I decided to order an appetizer sampler platter, which ended up being dinner, and two beers. (By the way, the draft beers at Ellis Island are $1.75.) We were at the bar not even 30 minutes when we realized we were there for Karaoke. Curt texted Dave and told him they should join us after their dinner.
Eventually Jen and Dave showed up. Dave, of course, did Sweet Caroline, which Curt recorded. Jen and Dave did, I've Got You, Babe. Curt, Guitars and Cadillacs. Jen and Dave did some more. I did none--because no one should hear me sing. By the way, Jen has a pretty amazing voice. I know we did Karaoke after their wedding--but buckets and buckets of beer had been consumed. So I hardly remember specifics.
At the Ellis Island bar we witnessed Security escorting a woman out. She sang a Selena song at one point, well, she danced on stage and swung the mike around and banged it into the wall. She had some sort of encounter with some other patrons and soon after that she was escorted out. But not before she had an outfit change.
After many beers, hours of Karaoke and lots of laughs we walked back to our hotel.
Man, that was a great weekend. We had a really good time and are planning on doing it again next year.
The only bummer of the weekend was that the weather was never nice enough for any pool time. Dang it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great time in Las Vegas! Good to see pics of Jen & Dave.
Glad to hear that Curt had a fun birthday! Hugs -M

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 1:10:00 PM  

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