Sunday, April 03, 2011

10 reasons why I am willing to ...

at least triple, quadruple or even more my work commute:

(My company headquarters shut down Friday afternoon and moved from Emeryville to South San Francisco over the weekend. Tomorrow we show up at our new office in SSF.)

1. I need a job.
2. I have a really great team who are my co-workers and my friends.
3. My boss is great, so opposite of a micromanager and trusts I can do my work and knows that I know what I am doing.
4. He has a great boss, who is head of our Legal department.
5. I am still learning so much in my current position, from my boss, my co-workers and from the person who reports to me.
6. I recently became a supervisor.
7. My company is striving to do good things for people with cancer.
8. I feel like I am learning and growing every day.
9. This is my second career and Patent Paralegals are in high demand. So the more experience I get the better I can advance in the future.
10. I can't afford the career I truly desire, a lady who lunches.

Because my company moved over the weekend, our Emeryville office closed early on Friday. I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi and a little shopping. After that I headed home to watch some shows, took a little nap and then headed to a 5 p.m. yoga class, which was a new experience for me (Forrest Yoga) and I loved it. Looking forward to taking that class again. After I left yoga I noticed I had a text from Curt to join him at McNally's. So I did, for one beer.
Saturday was filled with gym, grocery, vet visit for Joey, basketball watching and Lifetime watching.
Sundays are really the only loungy mornings I have. So that is just what I did. Then I headed to
my late morning Vinyasa yoga class. Curt and I have been watching the Decorah eagles and their baby chicks. One more chick to hatch. We noticed one baby yesterday and a second today. The third egg is cracked and getting ready.
Today Curt repotted our Maui Gold pineapple. It has been growing and needed a bigger home. (And we don't want it in our garden plot--when we move we are taking that with us!) We plan to put in the rest of the garden next weekend. After that we headed to McNally's to visit our bartender John and have a beer. Curt grabbed us burgers near by so we had a good beer and a good burger and then came home.
Now I am doing laundry (already cleaned the kitchen and bathroom), went through a pile of mail (found some bills to pay) and will soon start getting ready for my day and week. (For the work move I brought home a lot of personal items--so I need to figure out what I just have to have for tomorrow and pack that up.)


Blogger JLC said...

I hope that if we are ever lucky enough to both be ladies who lunch, that we live in the same city. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 8:22:00 PM  

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