Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh man! Heart Breaker!

The Wildcats game was exciting and crazy and they should have more 3-pointers. But they played with heart and they fought till the end. I am proud to be a Wildcat. But man, I would have loved for them to have gone to the Final Four.
Saturday night I headed to my friend Miriam's house for a spin party. There was lots of good food, good wine and fun company. It's always funny to see gym friends outside the gym in normal clothes. Two friends brought their son--who is about 11 or 12. He pretty much just sat there and played his video game and listened to his own music. But if you chatted him up he would talk away. His parents kept trying to get him to dance. I told him he needed to show his dad how to dance. Later I asked him if he would play some of his music for us (he likes R&B and Hip Hop). He played 3-4 songs, which the crowd liked. The last song he played I didn't recognize and I asked him: Justin Beiber. We all had a good time dancing and singing to Baby. I almost had the young man up to dance. He actually started to get out of the chair and then Mom or Dad came over and he sat back down. Dang it!
This morning I kinda lounged until my morning yoga class. As I left class, I checked on the score of the Chickenhawk/VCU basketball game. It was at half time and VCU was way ahead. I came home and asked Curt if that score was true. Wow, that put me in a good mood. I watched the second half with Curt and relished in the VCU win! (I have a hatred for Kansas. It's nothing personal. I have a lot of KU friends.)
The rest of the day has been lounging, especially with Joey.
Making a healthy dinner right now. Corn flaked breaded baked chicken and veggies on the side. Should be ready shortly.


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