Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good times in Vegas

Curt and I arrived in Las Vegas very late Thursday night. Our flight was two hours delayed, which worked out because Curt was able to watch the whole Mizzou game.
We actually got a free drink on our flight as Southwest celebrates most holidays with a free beverage.
We got to our hotel, MGM Signature, about midnight. We checked in and got a quick bite before bed.
Friday morning we scoped out a bar to watch basketball and especially UA. Jen and Dave arrived right after the UA game started. We hung out, drank and watched UA squeak by with a win. Afterward we had an amazing lunch at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Then back to our rooms to relax, nap ...
We met up at 8 and headed to a place Curt had been recommended off the strip: Ellis Island. They have good beer on tap for $1.75. We watched some basketball, drank beer and Dave played Black Jack. Eventually we headed back to our hotel. We were a little hungry. Jen and I hit Nathan's for some dogs and fries. They were pretty good.
This morning Jen and I met up and headed to the gym for a workout. The guys met up and headed to Ellis Island. After our workout Jen and I got cleaned up and met for lunch. We had some yummy sandwiches and then met the guys at Ellis Island. (The guys had $5 steak and egg lunch.)
We did some more game watching, Dave played Black Jack, Jen and I played penny slots: I first started with Sex and the City, which was a penny slot, though the lowest bet you could make was 50 cents. Mr. Big won me 375 pennies. I cashed out and went to look for Shake Your Booty. I came upon Hot Flashes and had to play. Shake Your Booty was out of order and take (2 slots) so I found Snow Globes to play until we headed out.
Curt is already napping. And my eyes are about half crossed at the moment.
Tonight we are having dinner at Battista's and then we are going to see Mystere.
I have to say, I have fun in Vegas, I have fun with Jen & Dave and I have fun with Jen & Dave in Vegas. How much more better can this get? Anyone else want to join us for an adult weekend next year?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a terrific fun weekend for both of you! Hope Curt had a great birthday yesterday.Enjoy your last day. Hugs -M

Sunday, March 20, 2011 6:53:00 PM  

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