Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gym, dogs, horses, beer, nachos, garden, soccer weekend

Yesterday after the gym Curt and I headed to Golden Gate fields for the Wiener dog races. (Video above.) Oh man, it was so much fun. In between each dog race was a horse race. I had never been to the race track before. It was a fun and interesting experience.
It was a warm sunny day. We watched funny and beautiful animals run. We had beer. We ate hot dogs and nachos. I also ran into a friend and co-worker there. We watched eight dog races and seven horse races. We didn't stay to see the champion wiener dog.
After the race track we headed to a nursery in Berkeley to get some stuff for our garden.
This morning a friend and co-worker of Curt's game over to watch some soccer. He was nice and super polite and gave me some great ideas for Go Fit Girl!
After yoga today Curt and I put the garden in. We planted tomatoes, broccoli, Brussles sprouts (that's the experiment), Edamame (another experience), lettuce and some herbs. And from this pic you can see our pineapple repotted.
After the garden we had to reward ourselves with a beer at McNally's.
After the beer we headed to Market Hall and got some yummy stuff for dinner tonight and likely some leftovers as well.
Now it is just getting ready for tomorrow, going through some mail, laundry and other exciting and fun stuff.
Have I mentioned that I still can't believe I have been getting up at 5 a.m. for work. It's insane.


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