Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drinking, vegging that cold away

Work, come home and lounge, work, come home and lounge ...
That has been my week. At some point on Monday I realized I was coming down with a cold. (Though now when I think back at how tired I was on Sunday I think I was already coming down with the cold then.) When I am sick I don't work out. I have been trying to take it easy to conquer this cold.
I have been getting up every day at 5, getting to work about 7:15. Work until 4:15 and jump on the shuttle with a mug of tea and head home. Once home I have been lounging around, watching TV/movies and messing around on the Internet.
I have had so much juice, water and tea (with honey) this week. I am gonna float away.
Yesterday was the day I felt the worse. Yet I was still able to function and go to work. I started feeling a lot better today.
I am going a little stir crazy, especially with just coming home and trying to stay low-key. Of course, our house is a pit! (I think Joey is loving all the lying around an vegging.)
I haven't been blogging as much here. But Go Fit Girl! is really coming along. Curt and I have been doing a lot of work on it. And there are more things coming. Go Fit Girl! is on Twitter and Facebook. Check it out now, so you can say you knew Go Fit Girl! when. ;)


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