Thursday, December 09, 2010

Knitting, knots and Charlie Brown

Today after work I went to my day spa for a massage from the amazing Thanh.
Before my massage I headed to Walgreens in the hopes of finding the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. And I found it.
I love it. It's so awesome!!! (Awwww, I killed it.)
After making my purchases at the drugstore I headed to the day spa for my massage. Of course, it was wonderful--as always.
And the best part was it was way cheaper today. Apparently Monday through Thursday the price drops dramatically. I need to start going in the evenings during the week more often.
I asked Thanh if she feels like my knots are "getting better." She said yes. Must be the regular visits. Wish I could afford to go once a week. I told her I wanted to charge my massages to work since work is the reason for the stress, tight shoulders and neck knots.
Curt and I are gearing up to watch the hour-long Office Christmas special. Yippee! I also need to get knitting on a scarf for the Kris Kringle name I picked for the drawing at work.


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