Monday, December 27, 2010

Food, fun, family ... sun, sand, beer

Right now Curt and I are sitting at the Tucson airport waiting for a delayed flight to San Diego. After visiting family we have a few days planned in San Diego, and we will get there eventually.
We had a good visit. It seems the longer I am gone from Tucson the more I miss it.
On Christmas Day when leaving my mom's house my aunt asked me when we would be back in Tucson. My answer to that is always, when are you coming to visit me? But I really don't know when I will be back.
Sunday Curt and I headed to the Arizona Inn to meet up with any family members who were willing to meet us. Both my grandparents were kinda ehhh to the idea. But my mom, Fred and my brother joined us for warm sun and good eats.
After brunch Curt and Fred headed back to the house for football. My mom and I headed to
Grandpa's and then off to Alison's to meet baby Ashley, newest member of the family. We had a nice visit. I was so happy that I could help Grandpa meet his great-granddaughter. That made me feel good. Ashley was a little fussy. But was still a sweetheart and pretty good for not even a 3-week-old. She has so much hair!
After our visit we dropped Grandpa off at home. He was planning to head to the bar and show off his Christmas gift from Curt and me: Willie McCovey autographed baseball.
I had to get my strawberry eegee. That is a must when I come home.
Eventually Curt and I headed back to my dad's for some relax time. Dad and Hilda headed to a movie. I took a nap. Then Curt and I heated up yummy leftovers for dinner: tamales, rice, beans, carne and tortillas. When Dad and Hilda got home we sat around and chatted for about two hours.
This morning some more lounging and packing. Dad, Curt and I headed to lunch on 4th Ave. Eventually we headed out to my mom's.
My mom had posole and menudo for us. Oh, so yummy. We had fun hanging out, eating, drinking beer and telling some HILARIOUS stories. Man, I was crying and almost spit out my beer.
Then we got dropped off at the airport ... where we still are. Our flight is delayed to San Diego. But Curt is content watching Monday Night Football while we drink beer and munch on quesadilla.
We are going to spend a few days in San Diego just relaxing and enjoying our week off from work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a great time with you this holiday season! Have a relaxing
vacation in SD! Hugs -M

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 3:42:00 PM  

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