Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taking care of Ann

With work being so insane I am trying to not get overwhelmed and have a breakdown or a crying fit or whatever could possibly happen.
This weekend was pretty much about me. I got my hair trimmed yesterday. My regular hairdresser left the salon and I had my hair cut by Noah--who was totally awesome. He gave me a great head massage while washing my hair and made my hair look great. From him and one other person at the salon I was told I have great hair. Well, thank you very much.
I missed yoga class on Friday night because I worked late. So I went to a yoga studio near the house this morning. An instructor who used to teach at the gym teaches at this studio. I was excited to take his class. It was intense and sweaty! But an amazing work out.
After yoga I had an amazing massage from Thanh. She has been helping me so much lately with my stress.
I got a few things done around the house. But nothing major. I am working on a hat for a friend's mom undergoing chemo. I started reading again (you can't knit and read--and since I have been so focused on troop hats lately I have found little time). I am reading Crashers by an old co-worker, Dana Haynes. It has great Portland references. It is a fairly easy and exciting read and the chapters are short. So I can read one or two chapters and not feel overwhelmed.
As I mentioned on my Go Fit Girl! blog I am really trying to focus on taking care of me lately, physically and mentally--with healthy eating, losing a few pounds, hitting the gym regularly, yoga, monthly massages and mani/pedis. I also am doing my best to limit my work days to no more than 9 hours a day--which is working most of the time.


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