Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm jazzy

Started my weekend with a yoga class, which is always a great way to end the workweek. Later on Friday evening my friend Jennifer (I have many friends named Jennifer, by the way) came over to drop something off and hang out for a bit. We chatted, had some wine and cheese. (I recently discovered the light Laughing Cow cheeses. They are so yummy.)
Saturday headed to the gym in the a.m. Headed home and got cleaned up for a baby shower. Curt headed to a football game so I had the house to myself that evening. I started watching the United States of Tara. I love Toni Collette. It is an interesting and intriguing show. I finished the first season today. I am hoping Season 2 is already on DVD. (Bummer! Just checked Netflix--nope, not out yet.)
Today was a lazy morning with coffee, knitting (finished troop hat No. 18) and working on some app reviews.
Eventually I headed to McNally's to hang with Curt and have a Bloody Mary ... or two. At some point Curt took off (had to get cheese and salami at Market Hall) and I stayed to finish my second drink. I made friends with a few people and two drinks were attempted to be purchased for me. I took a raincheck and headed home. Oh, and I got called jazzy. HA!
This evening has been getting ready for tomorrow, knitting a hat for a friend's mom, dinner, Mad Men and a few other things.
Time for bed soon ... Good night.


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