Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally posted vacation pictures

OK, vacation photos are now posted on Shutterfly and Facebook and captions are written. That took me much longer than I thought. No wonder I procrastinate.

Click here for London vacation photos on Shutterfly.

Good weekend. Got almost everything done on my to do list--but not quite all. Slowly getting there.
Today we put in our garden. Three tomato plants, 4 peppers, squash, herbs and flowers. We left some space in the garden plot of our upstairs neighbor's daughter. She wanted to plant some seeds. And we noticed when we got home from dinner that she had. We hit Sushiya for dinner tonight. Hadn't been there in some time. Dinner was delicious ... like always.
This past week at work was super busy. I am still playing catch up with new projects getting piled on top. At least I am busy, right? Though 12-hour days suck. Hope to not work those kind of crazy hours this week.
I can't believe it is already a little after 9. I still have to get ready for my day tomorrow: get clothes together for work and my gym bag ready for spin.
Good night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed the pics from the vacation! You got some terrific
shots. We are anxious to add to our album!!!! Thanks for the FABULOUS memories! Hugs -Mama

Sunday, May 23, 2010 7:54:00 PM  

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