Monday, April 26, 2010

Drinking beer, eating crips, drinking tea, watching the theatre

Writing this while having some tea and crisps.
First, let me just saw how wonderful my husband is. We got back to the room late. About 11:30 0r so he offered to pop 0ver the covenience store and get me crisps and biscuits. (The last time we stayed at this hotel we got biscuits with our tea.) Apparently times are tougher these days.
(Please mind any typos: I am tired; I have a had a few drinks; and I just took a sleeping pill.)
Today was a good day. Curt and I had an easy morning. We headed to coffee and muffins and then met up with Mom and Fred. After that took the Tube to the area where we would be meeting our friend David. We got there a little early and did some wandering. Eventually we headed the The George for pints and lunch. We had a good visit with David. After that we walked along the river to the Tower of London for a tour, which is pretty cool. I like looking at the gaudy jewels and crowns and all that. After the Tower we came back to the hotel for a break and for mom and me to get ready for our girl's night out. We headed toward the theatre to get our tickets for Avenue Q. After that we had a deliciously brilliant Indian dinner. We both enjoyed it so much. Wow, the food was good.
After that we went back to the show with upgraded tickets. Nice! We had really good seats. The show was absolutely hilarious. Inappropriate at times--but a ton of fun. We laughed so much. Mom and I had wine at intermission. And then continued enjoying the show.
After the show we walked back to our hotel. We checked the hotel bar and both our rooms and no husbands. So I texted Curt and I wrote back saying meet at the bar. So we did. We had a night cap and are now in our rooms. I am sure Mom and Fred are out. I am updating my readers on the goings on of us.


Blogger Erica Kern O'Neill said...

You have already acclimated...chips, biscuits and brilliant indian food! : ) Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 7:37:00 PM  

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