Friday, April 30, 2010

We are in Paris ... for a few days

So I have a whole update written right now about our goings on in Paris since we arrived Wednesday. I use a software called MarsEdit and can write a blog when I don't have Internet access and post it when I do. The Internet access we paid for right now we can only use on Curt's computer for some reason and where is my post?
So until then you will have to wait to hear about Versailles, Eiffel Tower visit (my mom went all the way to the top, Ed and Marilyn arriving and our visit to the Louvre today.
This evening we all went our own ways. Curt and I had dinner at a little cafe. We sat outside and drank our beer and had a tres bien dinner. I had an amazing sea bass with some crazy buttery goodness sauce. That was some pretty good people and dog watching. Afterward we came back to our room to get jackets and we headed out to the mall area to see the skyline get dark and the tower light up. On the way we ran into Ed and Marilyn. Marilyn was getting gelato. I wasn't gonna get one and then ... I did. I had crem caramel. Yum! We walked over to the mall area and watched the tower lights get brighter. We ran into Mom and Fred, too. We took some good pics and then started the walk back. We stopped at a cafe for dessert and drinks. Then back to the hotel. Curt and I are getting cleaned up and winding down and getting ready to visit Notre Dame tomorrow morning.


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