Saturday, May 01, 2010

Beautiful sights, good food, good drink=Paris

This morning we met the parents for breakfast before heading out for the day.
After breakfast we tried to hit St. Chappelle. But they were closed for a concert. So we went to Notre Dame, which is beautiful and majestic. You could take pictures but without a flash. And guess what most people were doing? The thing is that flash is not gonna help. It is so annoying how people don't pay attention to rules like that. We just recently got a new Canon point and shoot. It takes greats pictures, has a much bigger screen and takes pretty decent pics without a flash.
After Notre Dame we walked around, had a beer/coffee at a cafe and then ventured around the Latin Quarter. Then we all had lunch at this amazing crepe place. I had a blue cheese, walnut cheese buckwheat crepe. It was quite rich, but delicious. I also had a little pitcher of hard cider. Mmmmm.
Then a little more walking around. And then Curt and I came back to the hotel for a little rest and to fill out some postcards. Our hotel room faces the street ... so right now I can hear all the bustlings outside. Love it.
Curt and I are venturing out in a little bit to do some exploring. I am sure we will end up somewhere wonderful for dinner.
Still working from Curt's laptop--so at some point will post my first Paris post ... later.


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