Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another lovely day in London

Today we met Mom and Fred about 9 in the lobby. We grabbed some coffee and pastries and were on our way to Westminster Abbey. The abbey is absolutely gorgeous with some amazing history. Mom and Fred really liked it. Once in the gift shop I found a beautiful small wooden crucifix I wanted to buy ... but it was made in Italy so I passed.
After the abbey the guys wanted to go to the Imperial War Museum. Mom and I had no interest. So they went to the museum and Mom and I wandered around St. James Park. It was sunny and beautiful. We chatted, looked at tulips, ate some ice cream and had a lovely time.
We met back up with the husbands and had lunch at Covent Garden. After that we jumped on a double decker bus back to the Waterloo station--which is right near our hotel. (I took video of our ride.) It was a ton of fun. The bus dumped us off in front of a pub. Curt and I went in for a beer. Mom and Fred headed back to the hotel.
We are back in the hotel for a little R&R and Internet time (we paid for 24 hours of Internet for a high fee and our 24 hours is up shortly--so likely no more updates until Paris).
Tonight we are meeting some friends for drinks and dinner. Should be a good time as always.
Then tomorrow we hop on the Chunnel to Paris.
On Thursday Ed and Marilyn meet us for the rest of the trip.


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