Sunday, May 09, 2010

Last day in Amsterdam

(Written Friday night about 10 Amsterdam time)

Tonight is our last night of vacation. Siiiggghh.
Yesterday (Thursday) Mom and Fred took off for Nice. Curt and I had a lazy morning and then we headed toward the train station to meet our friend Rebecca (she and her husband, Cyrus, are living in Germany right now).
Before heading to the parents' boat we hit the Old Sailor for a drink. Had to introduce the Bex to our favorite bar in Amsterdam. She would be staying at the parents' boat that night since Mom and Fred had vacated and we had space. Then the five of us headed out and had a yummy lunch. After lunch we headed to the Anne Frank Huis. Curt and I had been there before so we decided to skip, but the others went on the tour--which is very moving, if you get a chance. Curt and I headed to a cafe for some people watching, sun soaking and beer. I have to say those Dutch can rides their bicycles. I witnessed many women in skirts, boots, having a big purse hanging off a shoulder and a conversation on a cell phone.
At that point us "kids" took off and the parents did their own thing. We stopped for a snack of honker waffles while walking around. They were yummy. Then to our other regular bar for some football watching, beer/cider drinking and watching the working girls outside our window.
Eventually back to the parents' boat to get the extra key and then out to dinner. We had yet another delicious dinner. After that Becky headed back to her boat and we headed back to ours.
Curt dropped by the boat a little before noon today to swing by and get Becky. They came back to our boat. (Ed and Marilyn headed to Switzerland today.) We had a light lunch of salami, cheese and bread (and wine left in the boat) that Curt had bought the other day at the grocery. After that we headed out ... yup, to the Old Sailor. It was pretty busy so we just stayed for a drink. Then Becky and I visited the Rembrandt House--which was pretty cool. We met up with Curt again and headed out for coffee and then hit a few more bars. We just did a lot of hanging out and uh, drinking. :)
Eventually we walked Becky to the train station. She was couch surfing tonight and was heading out to meet her host. (Our boat didn't have enough space for her to bunk.)
Curt and I then headed out for an appetizer and then dinner. Most cafes were packed. It is a Friday night. We ended up at a sushi place, which was pretty good, but, of course, no Sushiya.
Then back home for packing, showering and winding down ...


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