Monday, May 03, 2010

Updating on the Thalys train with free wifi

Now this is the way to travel ...
We are sitting on the train in first class with our coffee and tea and sandwiches. The parents are loving this. I have to say train travel in Europe is so amazing. I wish we had train travel like this in the US.
Last night we met the parents about 7 for dinner. We headed out to a restaurant on our street and it was closed. No big deal--there's like 20 more ... So we went to the one right next store called Tribeca. The food was absolutely amazing. Everything that we all ordered we loved. I had a shell pasta I had never had before: Lumache. We shared two bottles of wine. The dinner experience was a great time.
After dinner we strolled over to watch the Eiffel Tower light up. It had been raining on and off throughout the day. We felt lucky that it stopped for our stroll. We were able to take a few more pics and then head back to the hotel.
I showered and packed and got in bed.
Then this morning we all met up to head to the train station.
This fancy train even has outlets. So I am charging while typing. Pretty cool.
Now we are on our way to Amsterdam.


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