Thursday, May 06, 2010

Amsterdam update(s)

(Written about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 5)

Not sure when I am actually going to be able to publish this post ... so it may get long ...
We arrived in Amsterdam on Monday afternoon. We all stored our luggage in lockers and headed into to the city. We stopped at the Old Sailor pub for a beer ... soon after that Curt headed out to our houseboat to meet the owner's friend for the key and basic instructions of the boat we rented. Eventually we all headed out to mine and Curt's boat to look around and then to the parents' boat. After that back to the train station to pick up our luggage.
It was super windy that day. So cold I felt chilled to the bone. Once Curt and I were settled we headed to a cafe nearby. Curt had pasta of the day and I ordered the burger. When I ordered it the server kinda smirked at me. I know why. That thing was freaking huge. But you better believe I ate that whole thing. My burger had a fried egg on it. It was a little rawer than I prefer--but man, it was good! Every order at that cafe (besides pasta) comes with a side of fries and mayo. Fries and mayo are good. Don't knock it until you try it!
Tuesday morning we met the parents near the train station and all headed off to Keukenof. The tulips and other flower were pretty amazing. Keukenof was pretty much the reason Marilyn came on this trip. She was so happy when she arrived ... it warmed my heart. We saw some amazing flowers ... but man, it was cold. Luckily we had no rain. But it was windy and cold. That was the only negative ... the weather could have been better.
Once back Curt and I headed out for "second lunch." We had a small lunch while at the gardens.
There was a visit to the Old Sailor and, of course, a nap after that. Later out to dinner to the same cafe as the night before when Curt had chicken and I had some delicious fondue. And after that a visit to a bar showing football. We met a Scottish fellow named Roddy. He kept buying us beer. He was a riot and we had a great time. He was impressed with Curt's knowledge of football--esp. being an American.
This morning we had absolutely no obligations. So we slept in. Eventually we headed out. Eventually lunch at an Irish pub (we tried somewhere else first and pretty much got no service so we left). I had a cheese and meat plate and Curt had a bacon sandwich ... and it was just that white toasted bread and bacon. Then, of course, another visit to the Old Sailor. After that back home for a nap. Then we ventured out to meet the parents for dinner. We headed to an Indonesian restaurant for "rice tauffel." The food was amazing and the experience was great. It was a wonderful dinner ... and our last one as all six of us. Mom and Fred head to Nice tomorrow.
After dinner Curt and I headed back to the pub from last night to watch more football. We had only been there 20 minutes or so and Roddy showed up. We were surprised to see him since he is a flight attendant for BA and was supposed to fly home today--but the ash cloud changed that. He hopes to be flying home tomorrow. (He also needs to vote.) We had a great time visiting with him again. He flies to San Francisco sometimes so we plan to meet up with him. We also have an invite to Scotland ... and we are seriously thinking of taking him up, esp. since there is some sort of football promise involved.
Tomorrow our friend Rebecca arrives from Germany to visit with us before we head home.
Time for bed. (Have had numerous glasses of wine and 3 beers. Sleepy time.)


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