Friday, January 22, 2010

Breaking the rules

One of my new work rules for 2010 was to stop working 10-12 hour days. I broke it once in Week 1. (I was working late with our patent consultant.) And I broke it this week. I think yesterday. But I already can't remember when exactly that was. Tonight I came close. I did take a lunch break today so that made it a little better.
Work is already cranking up and it going to get busier. Not sure how I will handle it all again.
I think I really need to work on time management. But it seems like no matter what I have planned something else comes up.
I have been slacking in the gym department this week. But the plan is to get back in gear next week. I have been feeling really run down and I haven't been able to tell if I am just exhausted or getting a cold. The kinda sore throat seems to be gone.
I have been taking Nyquil at night and Zicam during the day.
I plan on taking it fairly easy this weekend.


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