Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dancing, lounging, napping, eating

Friday night was my company holiday party. It was originally scheduled for the first weekend in December. But with the acquisition happening and the two companies merging it got pushed back.
It was held at the Intercontinental Hotel--which is a gorgeous hotel. I left work a little after 2 and headed to the city. I arrived at the hotel a little before 3. I got into our lovely room and took a shower. Then I just lounged and relaxed in the room. Curt joined me soon after that and we hung out and then got ready for the party.
The party was a ton of fun. There was a cocktail hour with yummy appetizers and delish sparkling wine. The dinner was really good, too. And I always have fun dancing. It's always fun to see people outside of work and out of the norm element.
Curt and I slept in and then got ready to come home. We were home a little after noon. And I pretty much just lounged.
Eventually I took the ornaments off the tree, took the lights down from the tree and the front of the house and put all the Christmas stuff away.
Curt and I had dinner at a nice restaurant in the 'hood called Chu. It was really good. We both had leftovers for dinner tonight, too.
Today was another loungy, lazy day. Our friend Rachel was in town and we went to the Thai Buddhist Temple for lunch with her and her friend John.
There was some more napping today and enjoyment of the Lifetime movie Mother Knows Best. I love that movie.
I felt kinda rundown this weekend. I want to make sure NOT to get sick. So that is my excuse for napping and lounging. And I know I will be busy this week.
Hope you all have a good week.