Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to knitting

I am kinda excited. I started knitting again tonight. I realized the other day that it was weird to watch TV without knitting--but I didn't want to knit something just for the sake of knitting.
I can't remember if today was my 4th or 5th visit to Michaels in the past two weeks ... anyway, they finally had the cotton candy fun fur I have been needing. (Photos do not do justice to the pretty bright pinks and purple.) There are two little girls I am making a scoa (part scarf, part boa) for. I love making this scarf. Little girls love the colors. It is a quick knit, too.
I took it pretty easy over the weekend. I wasn't sure if I was getting sick. So I decided to not chance it and didn't do a whole lot. I worked late on Friday--well, about 7. Saturday I slept in. (Skipped the gym.) Watched some movies. Joey had a nail appointment. Then I did some house cleaning. Eventually I was on the couch with some Lambrusco, my Snuggie and movies and TV shows. Curt headed to Tahoe on the Snowbomb--a bus that picks you up at the BART station and drives you up there, you get to hang out or snowboard or ski or whatever, and then they drive you home.
Sunday Dad came over and the three of us had lunch. We had a nice visit. Then the rest of the day was pretty lazy.
I have to say my Monday went pretty quick. But this month seems to be dragging.
I am so over this rain. Geez! We had a tornado warning on Saturday. But apparently it didn't touch.


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