Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Garden Day!

Curt and I planted our third garden, but our second annual Easter garden today.
Curt was in charge of digging up the soil and I was in charge of hoeing. I have to say I did pretty well. Usually I wimp out. Must be all those body conditioning classes. Especially now that I have advanced to 8 lb. dumb bells. Woot-woot!
We planted tomatoes, lots of peppers, leeks, chives, basil, rosemary and our fun planting--a cantaloupe. We don't have any expectations out of the cantaloupe. We didn't have any expectations out of our broccoli last year and it did great! We couldn't find any broccoli at Home Depot today, but we did leave a spot in our garden bed for when we do find some.
Oh, we also planted one of our pineapples. We put that in a pot--in case it does well we can take it with us whenever we move.

Last night we went to Phil and Lisa's for Game Night with Wii. Apparently we were trying out to be part of their Game Night group. And we passed. We all played bowling. There were eight of us total. So the first four of us played. And then the second four. The top two of the two groups went on to the finals. I was in the finals. I finished second in the first round and fourth in the second. Oh well.
After that a little Mario Kart and then Rock Band, which had me cracking up and which I also refused to play. :) I just observed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The garden sounds terrific! Glad you had fun! We had a good day too. Sorry, I didn't call... I fell asleep early! Think of us tomorrow at Uncle Gil's service.
Hugs -M

Monday, April 13, 2009 12:47:00 PM  

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