Friday, April 03, 2009

YEA!!!! For Iowa!!!

Iowa High Court Legalizes Gay Marriage ... as it should be.
My friend Gail, who is from Iowa, told me she found this post on " 'I just got off the phone with several supporters of a ban on gay marriage, inviting them to support a ban on divorce in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and oddly, one of them being divorced and close to being remarried, they said they wouldn't because that would infringe on peoples rights.' "
"Again, a typical conservative response. 'Restrictions for thee, freedom for me.' "

Just a reminder, heteros are doing a pretty good job of screwing up the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is sacred, I do believe that. I believe two people who love each other and want to share a partnership should have every right to.
What I want to know is why is it OK for two heteros who have known each other for two hours have more rights to marry than a gay couple who has been together for many years and are partners? Hmmmmm?


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