Friday, January 02, 2009


So today it is snowing in West Chester. And you all know how much I love to be cold and in the snow. The snow is light and wet and it actually kinda pretty.
My sister-in-law took the kids skiing today. Craig joined them around lunchtime. Curt and I slept in and then headed downtown for lunch. We had a yummy lunch at a place called Teca. Now we are at Starbucks having some coffee and checking e-mail, etc. I had to check us in for our flight tomorrow. 
We have been having a nice visit. New Year's Eve day was low-key. We hung out, had a nice dinner and most of us stayed up for the ball to drop.
Then New Year's Day is James' birthday. So there was a family party with delicious food. Susan does amazing things with food. 
The kids got a Wii for Christmas. So there has been a lot of Wii playing. I am not too shabby at the bowling. 
Anyway, just thought I would check in. Happy New Year everyone!


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