Saturday, January 03, 2009

Home from Philly/West Chester

Had a long day getting home. But we are home. Curt is watching football, I am making dinner and blogging. And Joey is happy we are home. Ruff Ruff took care of him while we were away and they did a wonderful job, as always.
Had a little rough time with SW when checking in the morning. We had checked in online yesterday. But we had to print boarding passes and check luggage. The SW area at the Philly airport is horrible. But it still moved pretty quickly.
When we got up to our kiosk it would only print one boarding pass and told us to check with a counter agent. So I told the woman it would only print one. She said, did you check in online. We said yes. Then she asked me what color the screen was. It was white and then gold. She did some fancy coding and asked us if we were having a bad day because it seemed like it. And then she told us to not take it out on them. Because I wanted to get home I kept my mouth shut. But I really wanted to tell her I did nothing wrong and she needs to get over herself. But whatever.
We are home and I still love Southwest. Always getting us in early. I just earned yet another free flight with them.
We waited almost an hour to get our bags once we landed! We waited 40 mins until they told us what carousel. It usually does take them awhile to get their acts together with the luggage. But today was even worse. Then we stood at that carousel for almost about 15 mins waiting for bags. Luckily there was no line waiting for taxis and our guy got us home in warp speed.
Oh, over our trip I read the first Twilight book. OMG! I loved it. I hope Mia has the second book. I must start reading it soon! I love Edward--how can you not love this vampire, even if he is a vampire. I will definitely want to read the whole series before seeing the movie. But since I rarely go to movies, I will have to wait for it on Netflix anyway.
Details of the trip later. I gotta go eat.


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