Monday, September 15, 2008

I love three-day weekends

Even the ones I create.
I took Friday off. You know when you just need a day off. Well, that was Friday for me.
Friday morning I had the carpet cleaned. If you live in the area and want a good carpet cleaner then I recommend Skyline Express. Al did a great job and I really enjoyed chatting with him.
After Al was done with the carpet I headed to Bittersweet for a yummy roll and a super sweet White Chocolate Dream. I don't know what it is, but, man, it tastes gooood! I came home and kept my feet off the carpet and did some knitting until Sue came over.
Sue came over a little before 1 and we headed to a sushi place she likes in Lafayette. The rolls were HUGE and very good.
After sushi back to Rockridge. We went to Market Hall to pick up dinner. I bought fresh spaghetti and a yummy sauce along with some fruit salad. Sue bought some delicious biscuits and some raviolis for home. We dropped off the food and then went to Tootsies for mani/pedis. Tootsies is hiring right now. Curt has encouraged me to apply. I did get an application. So we'll see. I mentioned to Sue during our manis that I would only be able to work weekends. And her manicurist said the owner was just saying she needed a weekend person. It could be fun. Plus I would get a discount on shoes and for every hour you work you get a dollar to spend in the store. They said for people who are full time they can get about 2 pairs of shoes free a month. DANG!
After mani/pedis back to my place. Soon after Alicia joined us for dinner and knitting. We had a fun time. Alicia is also making beanies for the military. She is on No. 4 beanie right now. I started No. 6 yesterday.
(I found an organization called The Ships Project that you can send your hats to and they will make sure they get to the right places. I also found out that they will take blend hats (hands that have synthetic fibers--like acrylic) for the ship troops and the wounded troops. Though for those hats they request more cheerful colors. So I think I can still send some of the acrylic beanies I made.)
Saturday for some reason I woke up exhausted so I didn't go to the gym. It took me some time to get going that day. I had a bunch of stuff to do before our friends Stefan and Sandra came over. I had a little housecleaning to do, grocery shopping, etc. to do. Stefan and Sandra showed up about 7 p.m. Saturday. (Stefan and Sandra are from Germany--Stuttgart area. They have been on holiday in the States for about 3 weeks.) We chatted a bit and then headed out for dinner at Rustica. (Curt was flying back from D.C.) They loved the restaurant and thought the food was really good. Steafan did tell me it was good, but not the best he has had in the States (they have been to Italy a couple of times). The best they had was at a restaurant in New York, which Curt and I got a gift certificate for them to thank them for hosting us while we were visiting Germany in the summer of 2006. I told them my friend Kaly lives in New York and I asked her for recommendations. Once I saw the Italian restaurant listed I knew that was the right one for them. (When we were in Germany we ate a lot of Italian food.)
After dinner back to the house to stay up before we had to get Curt at the airport. About 11:10 Curt called saying he had just landed (about a half an hour early). So the three of us headed to the airport to pick him up. I stayed up that night until 1 a.m. Don't remember the last time that happened.
And for some reason my body didn't want to sleep in. So I was awake at 7 a.m. I finally got up about 7:45 and just watched TV and knitted. For breakfast we got pastries at the Market Hall bakery and had coffee at home. About noon we headed to the A's game. The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm, but not hot. At some point during the game I was truly ready for a nap. And the warm weather and beer didn't help. At some point I bought an ice cream to wake me up a bit. We had a bunch of kids in front of us. When I bought the ice cream I had a captive audience. They actually seemed to find us rather entertaining throughout the game. I would find a little person staring at us. :) There were 4 boys in front of us--probably between the ages of 6 and 12. And they were really good kids I do have to say. Unlike some of the other crybabies around us.
After the game we headed home to relax a little and then go out for sushi. Stefan and Sandra seemed a little hestitant for the sushi. But they ended up feeling that it was a good choice. I think sushi in Germany is probably not that great and it is expensive.
Those two went into the city today for their last tourist day. They dropped Curt off at work. And they headed home early tomorrow. (They are staying in a hotel tonight because of the early flight.)
And today back at work. And believe me I didn't want to get up today ... at all. I could use a nap right about now.


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