Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feeling good

So I just came home from hanging out with friends. And woooooo, I am feeling good. And I don't have to work tomorrow!!!!!!!
Friday night was leisurely and I started a baby blanket for someone very special. Actually this is her second blanket. I I kinda screwed up the pattern and didn't realize until I was half way done. Anyway, I am almost half way done with the second one and it is looking just great. So I knitted and watched some Arrested Development.
Then Saturday I had my spin class and then abs/core class. Afterward I came home and got cleaned up and then went to the eye doctor. Good news! That fish oil is actually (I just got interrupted by Curt to view Ralphie the buffalo for the Colorado team--I have to say that is a sight. It was quite exciting when we saw her at the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix many years ago) working. The film is pretty much non-existent on my contacts. My doc checked for my glasses prescription. With my new contacts my eyes have slightly improved. No more slight astigmatism in my right eye and the left has improved slightly. The glasses that I currently have are very close to my new prescription. So I am gonna decide whether or not I really need to buy new glasses. And Dr. Yokoi told me that was entirely up to me. Many months of visiting the eye doc and I am finally OK with my contacts. Woo-hoo!
After my eye appt. I came home and Curt and I headed to Ben & Nick's for a late lunch.
Soon after that he headed to the city to watch Mizzou football at a bar. I stayed home and knitted and watched Prime on Lifetime Movie Network and then later Stop-Loss, which was OK. Don't even get me started on the whole emotional part of sending soldiers to Iraq more than once. Or the fact that many are over there believing they are fighting for 9/11. Or the things they see and witness and do over there.
Today was Malcolm's birthday party at the park. We had munchies, beer, pizza (delivered!!!) and soccer. I did NOT play soccer. I watched and took pics.
At one point Monica and I ventured to find a bathroom. We found what we thought was a bathroom and we started to walk in and there was a huge pile of ... yup, you guessed it, poo with flies. And the actual bathroom was equally as disgusting. We decided we didn't have to go to the bathroom that badly.
Eventually we all packed up and a group of us headed to Triple Rock to have some more drinks. Our server couldn't remember if I ordered pear or apple cider so I got both and one was free. Sweet! Hanging out with some old friends and new ones was a great time. I had a blast.
I feel like I need a nap and some water.


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