Sunday, August 17, 2008


So my little friend Lexi, who is 10, had a sleepover with me last night.
Mia dropped her off about 1:30 yesterday. We lounged around the house a bit and then ventured around the neighborhood. Lexi really perked up when I mentioned we could hit Bittersweet, a place that has a lot of chocolate. We first went to Bittersweet. I ordered White Chocolate Dream (I have no idea what it was but it was good and sweet) and an apple brie danish and Lexi ordered chocolate milk and 2 little snickerdoodles. Her chocolate milk was like a melted chocolate bar that was stuck in a milkshake. That was the thickest chocolate milk I had ever tasted. It was good tho. I told her she didn't have to finish the whole thing. So we had our treats and then hit a bookstore. Lexi found a book she wanted so she bought it. After that we hit the market for some strawberries and then soda and then headed home.
Once home we watched Disney Channel Games. Stars from Disney shows compete. It was pretty entertaining. We watched some other Disney shows, too. I finally know who Ashley Tisdale is. About 5:30 us girls headed to Sushiya for dinner. (We got Curt food to go.) We had yummy sushi and then back home for more Disney channel. Eventually we got in our jammies and got our snacks made: popcorn, root beer float for me, sundae for Lexi. We watched the newer version of Hairspray and pigged out. I was entertained by the fact that John Waters and Ricki Lake had cameos in the movie. The movie was fun to watch.
After the movie we watched some Olympics. There were huge women lifting huge weights. Crazy!
This morning Lexi and I headed to Rockridge Cafe for breakfast. Then home for a bit before Mia came to pick her up.
I had a ton of fun with Lexi. She is such a good kid and so great to have around. I look forward to our next sleepover.

I forgot to mention that she totally spoiled Joey while she was around. One of Joey's most favorite things is to be brushed. That kitty was soft and smooth after Lexi left.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad that you had fun with Lexi. I thought that you were having out of town friends...was that last week? I thought the new Hairspray was cute but nothing like the original! Hugs -M

Monday, August 18, 2008 12:53:00 PM  

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