Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm still here

So there hasn't been much to write about lately. That is why no recent posts.
But what I will chat about a little ...

Tuesday Night Social Club

We hadn't had a gathering in some time. Cyrus picked The Trappist, which didn't used to be open on Tuesdays. I like The Trappist. The only negatives are it is pretty small and no food. But the beer is good. We had a good time hanging out with friends. We need to host our social club more often. It is always a good time.

September 13

What is the deal with this date? Our German friends Stefan and Sandra come into town that day. Curt flies back from a business trip that day. Macworld UK friend Andy will be in town that weekend. Kate's baby shower is that day. And Cooper's 6th birthday party is that day. NUTS! So unfortunately I can't go to the shower. Bummer! Stefan and Sandra are staying with us and we have fun plans while they are in town. Hopefully we can see Andy--maybe for a meal. And depending on what time Stefan and Sandra arrive I may be able to sneak to Cooper's party. I mean, I can't miss Magical Nathaniel!

The Wire

I started watching Season 5 (final season) of The Wire last night. I am excited for this season, but a little sad, too--since it is the final. I have learned from The Wire that if you are a drug dealer you should never have the money and drugs together. I wouldn't survive one day as a Corner Kid.
Anyway, Season 5 is focusing on the newspaper. I haven't watched much. But I have to say they do a good job of portraying a legit newsroom. They use the proper lingo. The budget meetings seem right on. Their desks look like real desks in a newsroom. And there was a whole conversation about how you can't evacuate people, which made me laugh. Some of the crazy conversations we had on the copy desk about the proper use of a word ... Also an editor woke up in a sweat thinking he had transposed some numbers in a story. He called the copy desk to check. Wow, I sure remember times like that. And being in a complete panic.
Anyway, I just realized this is probably boring for you.
Thanks goodness the work week is almost over.


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