Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Simple tasks are not ...

always so simple.
Curt and I have an off-site storage unit. When you live in the Bay Area you got some small spaces and very little if any storage. Anyway, Curt needs something out of our unit by Friday. During the week they are open 9-6 so there is no way he can get there on time since he works in the city.
Yesterday was a long day for me at work. So I decided to sleep in and get to the storage place right when they opened. I get there, check in and head to our unit. We have to go up a ladder thingie to get to our unit--and I was smart enough to wear a pencil-like skirt and heels today.
I get up to the lock and stick the key in--or I try to stick the key in. It doesn't fit. Crap! So I head back down to tell the manager it didn't fit and do they keep extra keys. Nope. He tells me it should fit after he checks my key. Nope! Our stuff has been moved around a few times so we have a few sets of keys and I obviously grabbed the wrong ones.
So I ask him if they can just cut the lock off and I will buy a new lock. They can't without written permission from Curt because he is the primary on the account.
So I call Curt at work and ask him to send an e-mail. He does. Tho. Eddie never gets it. I call Curt once more and he isn't at his desk. So I tell Eddie I have to get to work and tell him I will be back either with the written permission or the correct keys. (I am hoping I find the keys otherwise we have to pay for them to cut the lock and for a new lock and yet another set of keys.)
Before I leave Eddie gives me a sheet Curt can fill out and give me all the same rights to the unit as he has.
Yes, don't ask me why Curt has more rights than I do. When we first got the unit more than three years ago they told us only one person could be the primary and I had written Curt's name first. Little did I know the problems it would create.
Today feels like a Monday. I will be glad when today is over. I did go to my afternoon yoga class, which made me feel more relaxed and calm. But I am back at work ... so who knows what the rest of the day will bring.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet you were ready to go home and stay home after that morning!
Hope the day got better and you were able to get into the storage unit. Hugs -M

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 6:36:00 AM  

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