Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a sad day

I finished watching the last episode of The Wire this morning. Yes, I was dozing last night and finished it up this morning.
The first season of The Wire didn't grab me like I thought it would. But so many people told me how great it was that I kept watching--plus it was summer and there was nothing else to watch.
I liked Seasons 4 & 5 the best. Season 4 was about the kids and Season 5 the newspaper business. Season 5 was way too short.
I am still not sold on the fact that The Wire is better than the Sopranos or that The Wire changed my life. I mean, I do know how to be a drug dealer now. The Wire was gritty and real and told so well. To quote what I IM'd Cyrus: It definitely was gritty and showed us stuff that maybe we choose to ignore and don't want to see. I realize the Sopranos life would likely never affect my life. But The Wire life could.
On that note, if you haven't watched The Wire I highly recommend it. You really have to pay attention in the first season.


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