Friday, August 22, 2008


On the way home from my company picnic I passed by the gas station closest to our house and we have finally gone below $4. Wow! I can't even remember the last time we paid less than 4 bucks.

The company picnic was a really good time. I worked from home in the morning and then headed to the picnic a little after 11. The park was nice. We had great catered food, soda, water, wine and beer. There were lots of games and a jumping castle. We were told no adults in the jumping castle. But we found out later adults were OK. So we had adult jumping castle (like adult swim--I remember how much I hated that at the pool). It was a blast. I only took pics when we were all jumping around. So many people were taking pics I decided to not take too many.
There was also a clown who did face painting and balloon animals. There was a henna tattoo artist--I got a cool tat on my upper arm.
I have to say I am pretty good with that hula hoop. I think the hips help. (And now I don't have to go to the gym between the hula hooping and the jumping castle I got my cardio in.)
It was a really great time. And it was fun to see people's kids and spouses. My spouse was at work.
Now I am home relaxing, gonna see what is on LMN and do some knitting. I should through a load of laundry in, too.


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