Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Tis the season

So I sent out our first set of Christmas packages today. Actually, that isn't entirely true. Tuesday the first package went out--my Mom's birthday is next Monday--so her birthday present and Christmas present usually get sent out in the same box.
Anyway, lots of wonderful children in our lives will be getting packages soon. I am frantically trying to get things done last minute.
Last night I finished the scarf for my Kris Kringle person. I have one more little scarf to finish and another big project, which unfortunately won't be done on time. It started out great and I just haven't been putting the time into it that I should be. I have been busy or lazy. Belated Christmas gifts are nice, right?
I have a few more ornaments to finish gluing together. I ran out of ribbon. So I should finish those tonight.


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