Friday, December 07, 2007


So today is a crazy day.
Onyx's holiday party is tonight at the Dunsmuir mansion. It is supposed to be just beautiful. So I am leaving early from work today.
Today I already had people pick names for the Kris Kringle gift exchange, which is next Friday. And I am in charge of the toy drive, too. I have been collecting money for the toy drive--for people who don't have time to shop or who would rather just give me money. The organization is encouraging us to buy for older kids--10-16. Those gifts are more expensive and harder to buy. So I thought I would collect money and focus gifts on the older kids. But I have been scouting out Best Buy and Target for ideas. Let's just say, in the collection I am pretty close to my $1,000 goal!
Shortly I have to join two other co-workers to do last minute stuff to the raffle prizes for the drawing tonight at the holiday party. I have to say being on the raffle team was a ton of fun. Last year I did invites and RSVPs (and ended up helping with the raffle when some others had to opt out).
OK, time for more coffee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My gosh, you are a busy little bee!
You are so involved in the holiday work activities! Wow!...close to a $1,000!!!! Have a great time at the party tonight. Catch you this weekend! Hugs -Mama

Friday, December 07, 2007 2:25:00 PM  

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