Monday, December 31, 2007

Much less lazy day

I was much more accomplished today than I was the past two days.
I got up this morning, went to the gym, then Target to return some batteries we didn't need for the toy drive. Man, batteries are expensive. And I kinda went over budget, so returning the batteries was perfect. It put me right about even.
After Target I went to the dreaded mall to pick up my ring. My ring looks beautiful. They cleaned it so well it looks like new. I put it on and my wedding band looks drab. HA! (I just gave it a little shine job. It looks a little better. And it is minty fresh.)
After the jewelery store I hit Macy's for some Clinique. There was an annoying customer there that kept hassling the saleswoman and kept asking for free samples of stuff. When she got to me I told her I would be easy.
After the mall the grocery store. It was toughh to find a parking spot. When I walked out of the grocery store a cop was arguing with some guy who was getting signatures. It was quite entertaining.
I came home, showered, had a little lunch and had a homemade mani/pedi. I also watched Spider-Man 2. It was pretty good. Now I gotta get the third one.

Tonight Curt and I are heading to Mia and Todd's for dinner. They are having some people over for New Year's. We likely won't stay too late. Don't want to be out and about when the really crazies start driving.

Happy almost 2008!


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