Thursday, December 27, 2007

Joey's famous

Check out Joey's blog. He has some videos on there. One made it to YouTube--so Joey is all over the World Wide Web.
He would like to you to see him enjoying his Christmas gifts from Curt and me.


Today I went to Mia's to hang out with her and Alex and scrapbook. I did 4 pages--pretty good. I scrapbooked my pedi party. We had a good time hanging out, laughing, having some yummy wine I got from ZD Wines.
At one point Lexie and Cooper came home. They both really liked their Christmas gifts from Curt and me. Lexie got a mini American Idol digital camera and Cooper a Star Wars sticker book. I hung out with the kids for a bit before I came home.


So Alicia came over yesterday about 11. We headed to Michaels. It was pretty tame. I didn't go too crazy buying stuff--got some Christmas cards and thank you notes and some scrapbooking stuff I used today.
Alicia and I got back to my place and Sue called to say she was on her way. So we waited for her and then the three of us headed to College for lunch. We had lunch at Fillipos. I had this yummy polenta and cream of broccoli soup.
After lunch back to my place to knit. I worked on my brother's and Jessica's Christmas gift. We watched some Mythbusters marathon and then "Chasing Amy." (Alexa wasn't able to join us since she had some out of town friends call her. Next time Alexa.)

I sent this pic to John and Jessica. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish this in time for Christmas. So I sent them a card with a pic of me working on the throw telling them they will be getting this early 2008.

Sue made me this great throw for Christmas. I absolutely love it. Thanks Sue. I am also sporting my new jammie bottoms that Marilyn made me for Christmas.


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