Saturday, December 22, 2007

Funny Joey

First off, I got tons of stuff done today. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, getting some studying done, doing laundry, Curt and I walked to Market Hall to get a look at some crabs and talk to someone about how we go about getting them for our Christmas Eve dinner, then Curt ran his own errands and I went to Redhound (yuppie pet store) to get Joey his Christmas present and then hit Eddie's Liquors to get the rest of the ingredients I need to make cosmos for the cocktail party we are attending at Monica's tonight.
At Redhound they were out of the catnip carrots. Joey LOVED that thing when I bought it for him. He wasn't so fond of the cigar, which Curt said looked like a turd (and really, it did). So since they were out of carrots I got Joey a red pepper and a string bean (both made out of the same material as the carrot). I came home and put them in his little stocking. Soon after that I heard a rustling by the tree. Joey had propped himself up and was trying to get to the catnip treats. It was pretty funny. (He talks about it on his own blog.) So Curt moved the stocking up where he couldn't reach.

Stef and Jim are on their way here. Talked to Stef a little while ago. Can't wait to see them.

Last night we had the second annual Cheesemas with Phil and Lisa. We had yummy fondue and other great things. I brought chips and salsa. We watched The Grinch and then a chessy Christmas movie called "The Christmas Shoes." Man, it was so funny. I was crying I was cracking up so much. And let's just say the shoes were UGLY! But we had a good time.


Blogger Aaron said...

Make sure to tell Stef and Jim "howdy" from us. Hope their drive went well. We just had sushi and traded Christmas gifts with them last night. Lots of fun!

Saturday, December 22, 2007 7:34:00 PM  

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