Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today has been a good day.
I started it off lazy with a movie and then Journeyman. Then I did a little studying. My gym hosted one yoga class today. It was a wonderful class.
Curt headed to Market Hall when I was at class. Our plan was to buy two live crabs and cook them ourselves. But when Curt got there there was no live crab to buy. So he bought 2 that were already cooked for us.
I got home from class and showered and then started on our feast. I made Curt a chocolate pie. The easiest dessert ever. Make chocolate pudding--I use the instant. Once the pudding sets, dish it into a graham cracker crust. When you get ready to eat it you smother it with lite Whip Cream. I don't think I had ever tasted the pie before. I had a piece tonight and it was really good.
Once the pie was made I put the potatoes in the microwave. I went into the bathroom to dry my hair. Eventually I blew a fuse (Note to self: Don't microwave and dry hair at the same time.) It took awhile for us (well, actually Curt) to find the fuse box. Man, we looked everywhere possible. Luckily Curt finally found it. We were back in business.
We got the potatoes made, the shrimp ready and the crab steamed. We had quite a feast.
Afterward we opened gifts from our family and friends. (We are opening our gifts to each other tomorrow morning.) We got some good loot: jammies, book, calendars, homemade brownies, fun Christmas stuff, beautiful handmade items, etc. We made out pretty good.
We gave Joey one of his gifts tonight. Joey seemed to want the string bean stuffed with catnip. I have talked about Joey and his carrot before. That carrot got so nasty we had to throw it away. Well, Joey loved the string bean. Lick, lick, lick, rub, rub, lick, lick, roll on, roll on. Curt and I were cracking up. We took a ton of pics. I am too lazy to upload right now. But I will very soon.
After opening presents we talked to Ed and Marilyn and then Grandma Phyllis. My mom called us earlier today. And she told us what time she is calling back tomorrow when my grandma is at her house.
We had some yummy pie. Then The Simpsons Movie. I started to dose during the movie. Not sure if I was really tired or if the movie dragged on.
Then watched a little bit of the A Christmas Story marathon.

Tomorrow we will have tamales in the morning, open our gifts to each other. Then head to Alexa and Darius' tomorrow afternoon. (I have to make my salsa first.)


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