Friday, December 28, 2007

Hanging out with friends

Today Mia came over about noon to hang out. We had lunch at Sushiya--my fave sushi restaurant. Mia had never been there. I am happy to say she liked it and will be going back. One of the owners--who is the sushi chef--was the only one working. So he was the server and made the food. And I have to say he did an excellent job. After lunch Mia and I hit Market Hall for her to get some items for her dinner party for tonight. Market Hall has such great stuff. Mia bought fresh spaghetti. Yum! The woman said it would take 30-35 seconds to cook! Crazy.
My old Salem buddy Dan and Curt are hanging out right now. They are at the Emerald Bowl watching Oregon State and Maryland play. It is pretty cold tonight. Curt called to ask me to tape the game--and as a good wife I already was. He said it is starting to sprinkle and if it starts to rain he is outta there. The plan is after the game Curt and Dan will come to our hood for a drink. So we'll see if that still happens.
I did a little studying this evening. Reread Chapters 14-15. Just 16-20 to go--only about 40 pages. I should be done very soon!
OK, I am gonna find a movie to watch and have some sort of dinner and wine.
Have a good evening!


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