Monday, June 13, 2011

Barcelona updates

I have had a hard time getting on my blog to post. Believe it or not, but having fewer issues with Go Fit Girl!
And I have a limited time tonight before we leave for dinner. So this will be quick.
Today Curt, Mark, Rosie and I headed to Montserrat. It was an amazing and beautiful place. We did a lot of walking and my feet are tired. But it was worth it for the views we took in.
We are meeting Mark and Rosie shortly for dinner at some tapas place Rosie read about. I have to say everywhere we have eaten has been delicious.
Apparently this month in Barceloneta, where we are staying, June is its festival month. So there are parties and bands galore around here. It is mayhem. Huge parties/parades keep going down the street near us. People around here know how to party. And I thought I was wild meeting friends at 9 p.m. for dinner. :)
Yesterday Curt, Mark, Rosie and I walked along Las Ramblas, saw La Sagrida Familia (but we didn't go inside) and headed to Parc Guell and spent part of the day there. When we got back to our hood we stopped for tapas and then home for a rest and to get cleaned up for dinner.
We had a delicious dinner last night, good wine, too. I have green risotto. When we got our check we all got a shot of some sort of liqueur to shoot. Whatever it was it was super yummy. After that we had a nightcap at a local bar. The place was small and cute (they usually are around here).
We have done a lot in the past two days. We have almost everything checked off the list.
Since I am having issues you will have to wait to see pics when we return. I have posted a few on Facebook, as Curt has. But if you aren't on FB, you are out of luck. Sorry, Charlie.
OK, here is a link to a pic if you aren't on the Facebook. And a view out of our apartment down our street.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barcelona is amazing!huh? We enjoyed it too. Glad that you are meeting up your friends. Tapas and sangria way to go! Joey and I are buddies! Hugs -Mama

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 10:15:00 AM  

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