Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mostly Barcelona food updates with a little beach and Picasso thrown in

Curt has posted a few pics on his blog, if you want to take a peek before I get home and upload our photos.
Today Curt and I got up "early," around 9 a.m. and got ready to head to the Picasso museum. Curt and I aren't huge museum people. But we know when we visited a city (or country) there are certain things you just have to see. The Picasso museum was easy and we enjoyed it. We were there probably an hour. There isn't a ton of stuff to see. But enough to appreciate the artist.
After the museum we walked around and ended up at the La Boqueria. We walked around a bit. Found a little cafe for lunch and ate delicious food. We haven't had a bad meal at all. After lunch we walked around the market a little more, made a couple of purchases and left.
We are back at the apartment, relaxing and cooling down. It is humid outside. So we are taking a little break.
Tuesday and yesterday were kinda lazy. Tuesday was Mark and Rosie's last day in town. They came to our apartment about noon to drop their luggage off. Then we headed toward the beach. Had a drink or two at the Princesa beach bar and then lunch before they had to head off for their flight.
Curt and I took a long siesta. After that to Las Ramblas for tapas. We ended up at a place where you just pick from the various options in front of you. Essentially they count your toothpicks at the end of the night and you pay up.
Yesterday another lazy morning and then I headed to the beach while Curt went to Barcelona Camp Nou--the Barca football stadium. He made a couple of purchases and then met me at Princesa 21 for lunch. After lunch I headed back to the beach. As the day goes on the bigger the crowd along the Mediterranean.
And pretty much anything you might want to buy or not want to buy is being sold: pieces of coconut, massages, wraps, food, water, cerveza, braids for your hair, homemade mojitos ...
Last night Curt and I had dinner in the Gothic quarter, some place we had seen before and it looked good, called Chardonnay. We weren't really sure what we were ordering. But it all ended up being really good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The beach sounds so relaxing. I truly enjoyed the tapas too! It's like eating lots of appetizers all day long. You both look great thanks to Curt's pics. Hugs -Mama

Friday, June 17, 2011 9:11:00 AM  

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