Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Visit to Target

A new Target opened close to our house and work (for the time being anyway). It isn't a two-story Target (bummer). But it is new and nice. And I visited it today before I headed to work.
I got all my shopping done and was standing in Lane B when it was announced that Lane B could proceed to Register No. 2. Nice!
Of course some jerk yelled at a manager telling her how horrible the way the lines set up were and how idiotic it was. Dude, you're at Target. Get over yourself.
This kid was ringing me up and we were chatting away. As he rang up my Hello Kitty socks he asked me how many kids I had. I responded: None. Those socks are for me.
He laughed and told me that that was awesome and he thought it was cool that I wore them.
As I was leaving he told me how cool it was again and laughed. I really think I made that kid's day. It was fun and entertaining and hey, I was just being me!

I am making it a goal to keep up on my Go Fit Girl! blog. So read up on what I am eating and when I visit the gym and all that fun stuff.


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