Monday, July 26, 2010

Two of the most well-behaved children ...

Curt and I spent the weekend in Tacoma visiting Mark (my cousin), Suzy, Ophelia and Aidan.
We had a lot of fun. We get along great with Mark and Suzy. When they were visiting us in February I had almost forgotten how well Mark and I get along. We really always have since we were kids.
Mark's kids, Ophelia and Aidan, are two of the most well-behaved, well-mannered children. I really enjoyed hanging out with the kids.
We arrived late Friday night. Saturday we started Dinosaur Weekend with pancakes shaped like T-Rex foot prints and bones (cut up bananas). Oh, and we had some amazing coffee.
I played light sabers with Aidan. I had never done that before. I ended up with a sliced hand and Aidan was missing an arm. He told me if our legs were cut we were dead. Curt and Ophelia hung out and looked at pictures from our latest European vacation.
After breakfast and fighting bad guys we headed to Seattle for the day. We hung out, walked around Pike Place Market, looked at a gross gum wall, ate some delicious blueberries, walked around, etc.
At one point we split up for a little bit. Curt and I hung out and had a beer. When we came home Dinosaur Weekend had continued with a viewing of Jurassic Park on this huge screen Mark had set up in the living room. We watched the movie, relaxed, had pizza for dinner (Dijorno is actually pretty damn good frozen pizza) and just had a good time.
Sunday morning Mark prepared another amazing breakfast. He made cinnamon toast and chorizo. And he actually made the chorizo from scratch. It was so flavorful. Ophelia tried it and liked it. I was impressed with that. That kid has an amazing appetite. Both the kids are good eaters.
After breakfast we got ready and headed to the Tacoma Zoo. We got to see baby tiger cubs. They were so cute. Ophelia is enamored with sharks. So it was cool to see her get excited about them. Aidan likes elephants. The meerkats were so cute.
At one point we stopped for ice cream. It was truly enjoyable watching Aidan eating that Blue Goo waffle cone. After our snack more animal watching.
When we left the zoo Curt and I headed to one car. On the way there we got a peek at the reindeer. They were pretty cool looking. We also saw a baby mule deer wandering around lost. I was a little worried that the mama was gonna come looking for her baby. Curt and I just tried to get the baby back into the woods.
We hurried back to the house and packed. And then the six of us headed out to dinner. (It was so cute, Ophelia changed into a dress--I mean we were going out to dinner. She had a nice dress, pretty shoes and a purse.) We had a nice dinner and then Suzy and the kids headed home and Mark took Curt and myself to the airport.
We had a really great weekend. I was exhausted today, but it was worth it. It was fun telling the kids stories about their dad and reminiscing about when we were kids.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like a great trip.

love reading about nice well behaved children.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010 2:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you had such a great vacation in Washington. Mark and Suzy are great and the kids are fantastic! Mark sure is a good Dad! Speaking of Dads... now you have to get ready for your Dad, Grandpa and Curt's Dad!!!! Hugs -M

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 8:47:00 PM  

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